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How To Make Bao Buns

Bao buns are a low-calorie Asian dish. From Taiwan, the bao buns are a traditional dish of the New Year holidays. “Bao” has the meaning “to wrap”. These are small dough buns with an oval shape, long and folded in half, have no crust and are so soft that they are steamed. Also in Taiwan, this dish is also called by the name of “tiger bites pig”, which is inspired by its appearance.

The bao buns are very light and quite fluffy, they are also very soft and have an unmistakable and delicious sweetness that comes from sugar. The bao buns are belonging to the tastiest dishes that are in trend in the world of street cuisine, even in trendy restaurants, which has made it expand throughout the world making it a world-famous dish.

The bao buns recipe is very simple and easy to make, it also has very interesting benefits, since steaming them is an alternative to avoid adding calories.

In order to make bao buns you will need the following ingredients:


3 ¼ cups wheat flour

1 teaspoon of yeast

1 cup of water.

2 teaspoons baking powder

2 tablespoons skim milk

¼ teaspoon of fine salt.

2 tablespoons of vegetable or canola oil.

4 tablespoons powdered sugar

Once you have all the ingredients you can start with the preparation.


Step 1:

In the beginning, you should mix the yeast with the warm water.

Step 2:

You must sift the flour. Make a volcano with flour, sugar, baking powder and salt; later it incorporates liquid ingredients in the center of the volcano.

Knead until you manage to form a smooth and smooth dough. In the beginning, the mixture may seem dry, but you just have to continue kneading until the dough reaches off from the top and hands. Once the dough is ready, let it rest in a bowl covered with plastic wrap for an hour.

Step 3:

After an hour has elapsed, knead again and form dough balls, the size may be of your choice.

Then, with the help of a roller, you have to stretch the balls and flatten them giving them an oval shape. Previously, you have to cut some small squares of plant paper, to put them in the middle of the folded.

Step 4:

You must let stand for 30 minutes. When the 30-minute timer is over, boil water in a pot and cook the buns in the steamer.

Let them steam for about 5 minutes if they are small and if they are large you should let them cook for about 10 minutes.

Once they are cooked, let them stand for a few minutes, and then you can fill your bao buns to your preference or you can also choose to fill them with traditional ingredients.

Among some of the traditional ingredients used to fill the bao buns we can mention mainly pork, or their jowls and bacon, this is usually seasoned with coriander and peanut powder. However, fusion cuisine has caused a large number of different fillings today.

We hope you enjoy this delicious and renowned dish.